Ready to fly?

Experience aerial freedom gliding across Austin's waters and take your e-foil skills to the next level with the help of our expert instructors.

New to Hydrofoiling?

For us, hydrofoiling was love at first glide. Combining aerospace engineering with cutting-edge water sports technology, hydrofoils bring the elusive sensation of surfing to any body of water. As the foil wing lifts you above the surface of the water, it truly feels like flying!

At Foil Texas, we live and breathe hydrofoiling. Our certified instructors are passionate pros who love to share this sport with new people. We're committed to building a welcoming community where foilers of all experience levels can progress their skills and connect with fellow adventure seekers.

Your First Flight

We carry a wide range of state-of-the-art Foil boards, offering larger wings for stability and ease of learning and smaller, high-aspect wings for speed and advanced maneuvers. Even beginners can master the skill of hydrofoiling through our expert instruction and training sessions. After a brief overview on the land, you'll dive into the warm Austin waters to start practicing!

1. Ground School

Before hitting the water, you'll learn the fundamentals of hydrofoiling in our comprehensive ground school.

Gain an understanding of the equipment, safety protocols, body positioning, and hydro-dynamics.

2. Sledding

Your first position on the hydrofoil will have you cruising around while facing forward on your belly. This allows you to get comfortable balancing and maneuvering the foil close to the water's surface.

3. Kneeling

The next phase is mastering riding the board while kneeling. You'll practice transitioning from prone to a kneeling stance, improving your stability while gradually increasing your speed on the water.

4. Standing

Once you've dialed in your kneeling form, it's time to attempt standing fully upright on the hydrofoil. With some extra concentration you can begin to skip like a stone, foiling around 1-3 feet above the lake.

5. Flying

The ultimate form of foiling brings a sensation of flying where you'll levitate, maintaining a height of up to 4 feet above the water, carving turns and experiencing the full sense of aerodynamic freedom. Skilled riders can feel like they're surfing the sky.


Our group hydrofoil lessons provide a fun, social environment to learn in, but we also understand some riders prefer one-on-one instruction tailored specifically to their needs. With this in mind, Foil Texas offers both group and private training sessions.

Group Lessons: $200/ea person

For those looking to pick up hydrofoiling in an exciting yet affordable group setting, Foil Texas offers comprehensive small-group lessons. Surrounded by fellow adventure-seekers, you'll benefit from knowledgeable instruction and feed off each other's energy and encouragement.

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Individual Lesson: $250

With private lessons, you'll receive our instructor's undivided attention and customized coaching focused solely on your form, technique, and skill advancement. This personalized approach allows you to progress at your own pace, repeatedly drilling the fundamentals or moving on to more advanced maneuvers based on your comfort level.

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Rentals: $175

At Foil Texas, we prioritize your safety and skill development above all else. To ensure you have a proper foundation we require all riders to complete at least two introductory training sessions before taking our equipment out on your own.

Foil boards are powered by an efficient direct-drive motor, allowing for a smooth and industry-leading ride time of over 3 hours

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Our lessons offer you an exhilarating opportunity to master one of the most exciting and innovative water sports. With expert instruction, you’ll quickly learn to glide above the water’s surface, experiencing the thrill of speed and freedom.

Lessons ensure safety and proper technique, allowing you to progress confidently and enjoyably. Whether you’re looking for a new challenge, a unique way to stay fit, or simply want to embrace the beauty of the water from a fresh perspective, hydrofoiling provides an unforgettable adventure.

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About Your Instructors

Welcome to our team of passionate and experienced hydrofoil instructors! Our dedicated professionals are not only masters of the sport but also enthusiastic mentors committed to sharing the thrill of hydrofoiling with you. Each instructor brings unique expertise, a love for water sports, and a personalized teaching approach to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable, and exhilarating experience.

Saul Almaraz

After spending most of his summers out in the waters of Austin, TX while growing up, Saul loves being out on the water and teaching others how to navigate the waves. With his patient and encouraging teaching style, Saul is dedicated to helping his students feel confident and comfortable on the water. Whether you're a beginner or looking to improve your skills, Saul is the perfect instructor to help you glide effortlessly across the water on an efoil.

Jake Paterson

Jake Paterson is a dedicated foil instructor with a passion for all water sports. He began his aquatic journey surfing the waves of Santa Cruz, where he honed his skills and developed a deep love for the freedom of surfing. With years of experience, Jake brings expertise to his teaching, inspiring others to embrace the thrill of foiling and the beauty of water sports. His commitment to safety and enjoyment ensures a rewarding experience for all his students.

Jesse Paterson

Jesse Paterson is an efoil instructor committed to building a community of foil enthusiasts in Austin. By creating a supportive and engaging environment, Jesse ensures his students not only learn the skills but also feel part of a vibrant community of local enthusiasts. His dedication to fostering connections and sharing his passion for the sport enhances his teaching approach, making him a more effective and inspiring instructor.